Dining sets, chairs and benches made of wicker are pieces of garden furniture that are very popular today. Constructed of rattan weaving, they can last several years. They work well in nearly any outdoor setting, whether on a deck, a concrete Wicker Deck Furniture patio, or in a garden setting. This type of furniture also looks good in an enclosed patio room or foyer. It is versatile in that it looks good both in indoor and outdoor environments. It can also be a very durable material, providing many years of use.

Dining tables and chairs of wicker can add a touch of elegance to outdoor family gatherings. A small bistro set with a table and a couple chairs is great for a small family or intimate moments. Sets with four and five pieces are more suitable for larger family dinners and brunches. Some products, such as the Pinehurst model, are easily moved from one location to another. That can go from the deck to an indoor eating space in minutes, as they are very lightweight, when compared to other products. Sets can be reconfigured instantly, to accommodate different dining or social situations. Some products with large seats and cushions are better suited to a single location, due to their bulk and awkwardness in size.

The look of rattan and wicker is trendy these days. A small serving set with a low table and several chairs is ideal for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or a midday cup of tea, with friends or family. Natural wicker products resist the effects of the sun, so they are very suitable for an outdoor garden setting. However, the natural strands of plant material cannot withstand constant rain or moisture, so they should be moved when weather conditions are extreme. Because they are so versatile, many people bring them indoors to another space during winter months.

There are many products available that have been painted, which may add to their durability. There are also imitation rattan products, constructed of steel frames and resin strands woven on the seats and backs. These items will last much longer and are resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Wicker products typically consists of rattan weaving, from vines that consist of a tough outer surface. Strands of the plant are twisted in the manufacturing process, to give them additional strength. Products painted in white, black or brown can be made to look very elegant in outdoor environments, to provide many years of outdoor enjoyment and relaxation.

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