Why You Should Never Buy World of Warcraft Gold

The World of Warcraft (WoW) is arguably the most popular Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) on the internet today. There are a lot of figures brought up as to the size of the WoW community, but at least 3 million people play the game on a consistent basis…probably more.

And the central complaint that seems to be voiced by almost every WoW player is a lack of gold. Gold is the currency of Warcraft. It allows players to purchase training, spells, armor and weapons, mounts…in fact pretty much all items necessary to live a virtual life on WoW must be bought with gold.

Yes, there are quests that allow players to receive rewards o Buy wow gold  f armor or weapons. But these items are usually inferior to the things that can be bought at the WoW Auction House (AH). Because of this hunger for gold, many players spend long boring hours digging for ore or skinning beasts or gathering herbs to either use in creating items to sell or selling these gathered items directly in the AH. This tends to take away from the gaming experience and often leads to frustration for many players.

And so, some players turn to so-called “gold farming companies” on the net to get their gold. These folks actually spend real dollars to purchase gold farmed by these companies.

Unfortunately for many unsuspecting players who are just trying to enjoy WoW while bypassing the hours of tedium working to earn gold, the practice of buying gold outside of the game is strictly prohibited by Blizzard (the company that owns and operates Warcraft). Many players have found themselves in trouble with Game Masters (GMs) for going the gold-buying route and the consequences can be anything from a stern warning to an outright ban of the player’s account; temporarily or permanently.

Another consequence of buying gold illegally is that prices in the AH tend to rise over time, even on lower-level items, This is because players with a lot of gold purchased online begin to routinely pay more for items. This tends to drive up the prices and leaves players who are trying to play WoW within the rules unable to buy things that they once might have been able to afford. The more gold purchased, the higher the prices rise, tempting others to purchase online gold. You can see the vicious cycle that this can lead to.


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