What It’s Like to Earn Online Masters Degrees

To rise above the competition, many are seeking to enhance existing practical skill or augment their resumes with advanced education. For recent bachelors degree recipients, working professionals, and displaced former employees, online masters degrees are providing the answer to their prayers. Well, open your eyes, get off your knees, and give thanks for the profound insights to follow. Today’s class has now started.

Well-known pluses and imaginary minuses

Some unfamiliar with computers are intimidated by online degrees’ high-tech connotations. They can’t imagine ever being able to navigate their way to success via online learning. Others who are thoroughly competent with computers are suspicious of distance learning’s relative novelty. These doubters wonder if their degrees will prove credible in the real world; some imagine that all online institutions are mere covers for diploma mills or other unscrupulous operators.

These fears are largely unfounded. While it is true that a minority of online programs are shams, the majority of schools offering online masters degrees are quality institutions. Despite its relative novelty, statistics reveal clearly and consistently that virtual study is on the rise and here to stay. Think logically, class: if it were really that bad, would it have become such a rapidly expanding increasingly recognized educational phenomenon? After all, the nearly 2 million souls who bravely venture to go where few have gone before by enrolling in online courses can’t all be wrong. Tech New Master

Exactly what is it like?

A typical online course format is as follows: a website operated by the specific institution is utilized for instruction delivery. A student is provided with a password and user ID necessary for site access. Upon login, a menu or other listing of options are displayed that allow access to exams, homework assignments, or instructions for research papers and other class projects.

One or more hyperlinks reveals written course topics arranged in an overall outline of chapters or topics. Typically featured are links for email communication and technical support, as well. A single click is all that is required for immediate access to desired course content. Research papers or other homework assignments are submitted via uploading saved files from your computer to a virtual “inbox” that is routed to your instructor.

At exam time, a special link is displayed that usually requires an additional password to access the final test. After completing 30-50 multiple-choice questions by using a mouse to select answers, a mere click of the “submit” button reveals your test score within seconds. An excellent listing of several dozen sample online courses is at elearnportal.com.

Fringe benefits

Numerous other advantages are inherent in the electronic educational element. The high-tech nature of the entire platform affords advantages far beyond those of traditional study. Fast access to much richer research resources, for one thing. Rather than trudging down to the campus library to thumb through volumes of musty, moldy tomes that have been around longer than you have, virtually all the knowledge in the world is literally at your fingertips for the taking. Updated data can be accessed within seconds to lend extra credibility and quality to your assignments.

Some mandatory prerequisites

Discipline and self-motivation are required to be successful in the pursuit of online masters degrees. Most pupils who pursue such programs are highly motivated achievers with the self-discipline to succeed. If little Johnny cant understand why Dad can’t play ball with him as often as he used to because Dad is always studying, no problem. Sit Johnny down on your lap in front of the screen and teach him a thing or two.

Make it a family affair by getting the wife involved as well. Pretty soon, the whole household clan is rooting for your success. Everyone will be gathered around staring at the screen with bated breath after each assignment or exam to see Mom’s scores displayed in huge bold numbers. What a cheer rises when she makes 100 percent!

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