Things You Need to Know Before Building a Shed

Sheds have become more than just a place for storing stuff and garden tools. They have also become a place where you can meditate and do arts and sculpture, as well as a place you can rent out for extra income or use as a home office. With space and clutter management becoming an important issue these days to prevent the rise of hoarding, it is important to find the best sheds that will last a long time.

However, there are rules and regulations set in place for the construction of outdoor structures which is why before going ahead and building, you need to check first on the existing building codes in your area and know whether or not you need council approval and permits to start building. First off, know that most sheds require building permits with some exemptions like sheds that are less than 10 square meters. Rescheck web 

While it is something you can build yourself, if your building and installation costs exceed $5,000 then it is required that you use a registered building practitioner to carry out the job, with a contract detailing every aspect you both agreed upon. On the other hand, if the work and installation costs exceed the amount of $12,000 then you need to provide domestic building warranty insurance.

When having roof sheeting, flashings, guttering and downpipes installed, you are required by law to hire registered or licensed plumbers to do the job if it is connected to a rainwater collection or disposal system. In the same light, if the value of the roof plumbing job goes over $750, then a compliance certificate is required from the licensed or registered plumber.

Another thing you need to be careful about when it comes to building your own shed is the fact that entering into arrangements with shed builders about becoming owner-builder can be a huge risk you shouldn’t consider taking. If you do become owner-builder, remember that you must provide a report to the purchaser and have your building inspected if you sell your property within 6 ½ years of the completion of the work.

You must also watch out for companies that insist on splitting their quotes or insist on paying for other trades separately from supply of the shed kits. Remember that if the trades and total cost of the work is more than $5,000 you need to hire registered traders to do the job. You must also beware of companies who are insisting on quoting you less than $12,000 for the work because then they won’t have to provide domestic building warranty insurance. Bear in mind as well that those doing roof work with labor and cost amounting to more than $750 is something you should avoid and again, make sure that the work is done by registered plumbers only.

And lastly, keep in mind that only registered or licensed tradespeople should be helping you build your sheds. This ensures that you are protected and that the work being done is based on high standards.

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