The Principles of Contracting Online

Almost everyone is acquainted with contracts. Contracts are the agreements between people or parties with regards to doing something, such as meeting responsibilities or job descriptions for a work, or terms and conditions for purchasing an item-lot, car, appliance, etc. Most often, the agreement is in written form signed by the parties involved to seal it.

Signing up online

However, when you sign up for contracts in the internet, it would be very rare for you to have personal meeting with the company or the person you are making an agreement with. As this happens, the contracts you made online does not necessarily mean to be void.

Furthermore, the moment that you sign up for a company in the web, you are presented with a text box that contains the contract This text box is usually entitled as the “Licensing Agreement” or the “Terms and Conditions” which is actually could be the binding documents. This may have not been thoroughly read by some but the information written on it could be legal documents binding your agreements even with the absence of the signatures of both parties.

Click-through Contracting

As mentioned, signing up within the web prompts you with a text box with the licensing, terms and conditions that apply. Once this text box is followed with another box with a corresponding text that implies you agree or disagree with the terms, and a button which says “Next” or “Continue,” the kind of contract you are in is the click-through.

The federal and state law recognizes this the same way signatures are recognized on contract, meaning this creates a legal binding agreement between you and the company. Thus, it is necessary that the points of the agreement be read carefully and thoroughly especially if transactions to be made are considered to be major and important.

Opt-out Contracting

The opt-out system used online, in contrast with the click-through, selects the acceptance box automatically. When you opt to disagree with it, you have to unclick the button. With this kind of system of contract, other laws become limited.

Moreover, the system commonly used online is the click-through. Especially when software download is made and installations of add-ons and tools are done. This is also applied to most of the mailing lists or listservs when signing up.

Which ever of the two are applied by the company you are dealing with online, you must be very careful in reading through the agreement so that you are aware of what you are signing up with.

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