What exactly is all the fuss around vehicle tracking devices? fleet management purchasing Here are seven smart (and not very small) reasons as to why you could benefit from vehicle tracking:

1 Getting the Most from Your Workforce

Tracking devices allow you to manage your workforce more effectively and help to insure that less time is spent on the road. Productivity is enhanced by making it easier to automate manual processes through the use of tracking devices.

2 Satisfying Customers

Tracking devices provide useful information on the location of the vehicles in your fleet – enabling you to advise customers on accurate delivery times. Satisfied customers means more business and therefore increased profits.

3 Reducing your carbon Footprint

By successfully allocating drivers to jobs through the information provided by the vehicle tracking units, vehicles will consume less fuel and therefore contribute to less carbon emissions. Automated reports help you to save paper, which in turn saves more trees that help to clean the fumes from the air.

4 Delivering Peace of Mind

It is frustrating to be a victim of theft. The devices installed in your fleet pinpoint the exact location of your vehicles so they are much easier to recover should such an incident occur. The tracking devices also provide additional security to drivers as someone will always know their exact position.

5 Saving You Money

You can be assured of greater gains in productivity and cost-savings by having vehicle tracking devices installed in your fleet. Automated reports can be generated and minimises the risk of excessive overtime claims and provides customers with accurate billing information. Smart journey planning also reduces fuel costs.

6 Improving Communication

The vehicle tracking devices send recorded data about arrival and departure times so there is no need to inform the office, or ask a driver, if a job is finished – saving you money on phone bills and administrative tasks.

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