We had already bought a GPS from player-gt and recently decided to give our father a brand new car radio as a birthday present. We would like to give our opinion on player gt.

New purchase, new satisfaction at player-gt.nl

Every time we make a second purchase at player-gt.nl, we feel the same joy. This is our second time using this service. As far as our opinion of player-gt.nl is concerned, we recently placed an order for a GPS and we are completely satisfied. It is therefore without surprise that we contacted their customer service again to choose a car radio.

We weren’t sure which model to choose, but the items are well organized and easy to find by make and car model. We decided to buy our father, who had never used a GPS before, a touch screen car radio, which seemed to have all the features he needed.

We are not particularly price conscious, but the prices are comparable to other websites similar to this one. We received free shipping and a fifty euro discount review player-gt.nl. These little extras immediately made a big difference.

If the item does not fit, we have 30 days to return it. We are also reassured because I don’t know if our father will like the GPS navigation. But we are not putting off our order because we can get a refund.

We decided to check with their customer service about the usability of the product before proceeding. We received a response within a day, and they provided more information than we requested. The Android TV interface has also been updated, as have other Android gadgets, such as the car radio.

Player-gt.nl review: fast and trouble-free delivery

We had the car radio delivered to our address so that we could pack it ourselves, and we have to admit that we were surprised by how quickly it arrived. It is important to note that the free delivery only took four days, given the current circumstances.

We were pleased to discover that the item was carefully packaged and in excellent condition when we received it. We were surprised by the quality of the item and almost wanted to keep it for ourselves.

He gave us a very favorable review of his brand new car radio a week after our father’s birthday. With the GPS car radio, we think our dad passed the test. It seems to be very user friendly and offers many customization options. Our father is very pleased with the accuracy and sound quality of the GPS.

He was still using paper maps to navigate, but we think he has discovered a new way to get around in his car. He uses the gadget to explore, listen to music and call us in a crisis.

His rearview camera makes it easier for him to park and back up. We can see that the player-gt.nl review will be positive, and even the elderly or students will have no trouble approaching such an embellishment.

He followed the installation instructions to the letter. It didn’t take him more than 30 minutes and he didn’t mention any particular difficulties. You can access the Internet through your car radio because you can share the Internet connection of your smartphone or tablet with other devices. He followed the installation instructions to the letter. It didn’t take him more than 30 minutes and he didn’t mention any particular difficulties.


The player-gt test is a fantastic site that provides high quality goods with fast and free shipping. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t want anything more. We will not hesitate to recommend this site. We are planning to buy a new car radio soon, similar to the one we gave to our father.

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