Mortgage Advice: How the Housing Market in Leeds Has Changed Over the Past Years

If you are looking for mortgage advice in Leeds, then this is the right place for you. Over the past few years, the housing market in Leeds has changed. For instance, a detached house will cost around 292,000 while a semi-detached house costs around 156,000. A terraced house is going to cost about 104,000 and a flat costs around 170,000. All property types are going to cost about 148,000 and all this is according to the house price index for June 2012.

Now if we just look back a matter of 10 years previously to these dates in 2002 the change in the housing market is certainly noticeable.A detached house cost around 113,993 (+128%) while a semi-detached house cost around 66,038(+130%). A terraced house cost around 45,369 (+120%) while a flat cost around 65,210 (+81%).

Over this 10 year passing, the inflation rate rose from 1.5% up to over 5% in 2009 and then suffered a sharp drop due to the recession. So, it seems like house prices have risen on average over 130% in some cases, but these statistics show that house prices in Leeds are now suffering and do not match the growth of inflation in the UK.

Housing Markets are always driven by demand and in the case of Leeds this is no different. Leeds is increasingly becoming more appealing for new and established businesses. fee free mortgage broker Doncaster With an increased business lure comes an increase in demand for housing. Over the past few years a number of brown field sites in the city centre have been transformed into affordable housing, retail, leisure and office space. A good example of this is a site called Holbeck which is nearing completion. The site boasts excellent transport connections with a prime city centre location and is located next to the canal on old industrial land that used to operate mills within this area. This land that has sat derelict for many years has thankfully now been restored to a high level and will now serve to improve the local economy of Leeds.

For each example of economy growth within Leeds the housing market will grow. Housing in Leeds over the past years has become more sought after, therefore boosting house prices in the nearby proximity.

For truly independent mortgage advice in Leeds, clients can get in touch with a mortgage adviser who is specialised in your individual circumstances whether you are a first time homebuyer, moving houses or you want a remortgage. Leeds is a great place to live in and there are excellent facilities that you can find in the city. For instance there are modern hotels and conference facilities for business persons. Shopping facilities, hospitals and schools are also available and there is a thriving business environment in the city.

If you would like to find mortgage advice in Leeds, the firms and companies available provide honest, reliable and efficient services. The service is free and there is no obligation for you to accept any offer that is made. The process of getting financing to buy your home is going to take a short time and it can be done within twenty eight days or a suitable date for you. The whole process is going to be managed for you and you will end up saving time. Whether you have low or no equity, you can still be provided with the service. No valuation fees will be levied and any property is going to be considered irrespective of its condition.

When you are being provided with Mortgage Advice in Leeds, the brokers who are providing the service can negotiate the property price on your behalf. A free initial consultation will be provided to you and your requirements can be discussed with the broker face to face. In addition, the consultation can be done at a place and time of your choosing. Good mortgage advice is available from a number of advisers and there is no need to be overwhelmed by the thousands of mortgage schemes that are available. You can request a free call-back and an independent mortgage adviser will get back to you. For additional information about mortgage advice in Leeds, clients can get in touch with a wide selection of mortgage advisers today.

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