Insurance Agency Vlogging – Staying Ahead Of The Insurance Marketing Curve

Insurance Agency Websites, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Blogging – there is certainly a lot to keep up with these days in terms of staying current and reaching a given target market. Agency target markets can be horizontal (businesses between $1 Million and $10 Million in sales), vertical (transportation companies and owner operators), or extremely broad in scope (personal lines for example). Insurance agency marketing should funnel content toward a given target market. A primary step toward this goal is the creation of a quality blog. Once that is accomplished, and to ensure an agency remains ahead of the curve, agents should seriously consider vlogging as an important addition to their insurance agency web marketing strategy.Tour d'horizon des agence web en Suisse -

A vlog is a video blog, and vlogs are on the cutting edge when it comes to insurance agency web marketing. Vlogs can, and should, be short video clips, no more than one minute in length agence web Lyon.. They must of course look professional, with good sound quality and image, and should be posted to an insurance agency website, often in close proximity to the agency blog(s). And for agencies seeking to extend their reach, or wishing to take their vlogs to the next level, vlogs can be posted to a dedicated YouTube channel. YouTube will help with insurance agency SEO and search marketing optimization. Now, at this point, many agents might be asking themselves, “Is this really necessary?” Though vlogging is not yet requisite, it is both important and helpful for the following reasons:

. Nothing ever seems necessary until the day that an agency realizes they are the only one not doing it. Ten years ago, many agencies scoffed at “needing” a professional website to compete. Today no agency can be without one. Soon, the same will like be said for SEO and Social Media Marketing. Vlogging will be no different, and as a younger generation of Facebook and YouTube centric buyers will soon make the buying decisions, vlogging and video will become part of the basics of any given insurance agency web marketing program.

Vlogging will help improve insurance agency SEO. Video content on an insurance agency website can help improve SERP rankings. This SEO boost increases proportionately if combined with an agency YouTube channel – YouTube is the 3rd most highly ranked and indexed site in the world. YouTube is increasingly used by businesses to target their prospects in the places where they spend the most time. An agency is missing a very good (and free) opportunity if they do not have video content on YouTube.

Vlogging and video offers a competitive edge for many agencies. In a time when it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish one agency’s offerings from another, vlogging and video can help deliver content in unique and professional way. Imagine a scenario where a producer from Agency A, and from Agency B are both after the same prospect. Agency A’s producer hands the prospect a business card and a lengthy paper brochure. Agency B’s producer pulls out an iPhone and shows the prospect a professional 30 second vlog of a current client raving about their agency solutions. Which agency has the edge?

Video is cool and interesting. There is no other way to put it – we live in a video obsessed culture, and no amount of print, copy, or speech can match a professional video. Generation X and Y are going to seek information in different ways than traditional marketing was targeting two decades ago. It’s critical that agencies adapt their strategies to match the wants, needs, and expectations of a new generation of buyers.

The only constant is change when it comes to marketing, and insurance agency web marketing is a logical extension for any successful agency or broker outreach program. One of the latest tools in the marketing toolbox is a vlog, it’s better to consider adding this capability sooner rather than later.

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