How to Find the Best Body Oils

When we think of oil, we think of grease, acne, bacteria, a lot of bad things in other words. We have been taught and conditioned to think of these things just as we have been conditioned to think of all fat and cholesterol as bad and detrimental to the body. But as scientists research all the possibilities, of course, new findings emerge every year and sometimes even more often than that. They have found that there are good fats, there is good cholesterol, and now, there are good oils that are actually helpful to the skin and body as a whole. So how is this possible, and how do you know the difference?

While confusion is common, you can rise above and finally understand the fundamental facts about good oils and by proxy, how to find the best body oil. Yes, we have been taught in the past to use lotions such as Lubriderm, body oil Bath & Body brands, and others that often go on heavy, clog the pores, and cause all the problems we usually associate with oils. So why do we use them? Because the industry has drilled false ideas into our brains for years!

But newly discovered facts would tell you that carrier oils could actually be the answer to your skin’s thirst and its needs in general. Carrier oils could provide better moisturization and even an anti-aging effect when used in a good body oil as opposed to any lotion or for that matter most conventional moisturizers.
The difference is that carrier oils can quickly soak into the deepest part of the pores. Lotions and moisturizers are often thick, and they have trouble getting past the outer layers of the skin, and because of that, they end up clogging pores. Carrier oils are refined to eliminate all possible toxins and irritants. Moisturizers and lotions in general are not.

But the most important thing about carrier oils which allow body oils to be so effective is the fact that they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. After all, carrier oils come from natural sources such as avocados, olives, grape seeds, and even fruits like apricots. So you get all the benefits thereof. Many have reported that body oils based on the right ingredients relieved sore and tired muscles. They have reported greater relaxation. They have reported soft and glowing skin. In essence, they have reported benefits they have never experienced with anything else. And with a carrier oil based body oil, there have been no reports I’ve seen of heavy residue, greasy feelings, or for that matter acne or otherwise symptoms of clogged pores. So the only question remaining, what do you have to lose?



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