HORSE Poker Strategy

HORSE is an acronym that is leading to the initial letter of 5 different poker variations. This way you will have the opportunity to play all the 5 types of online poker game in just one tournament or game. In order to be a good player at HORSE poker, you must be a good player at all 5 online poker variations. This is why in this article we are going to present you the strategies of all 5 games that you must always take into consideration before you actually start playing the game.

The strategy that must be used in order to win at HORSE poker, must be a set of combined strategies that you will use for each and every of the five games. Anyway most online poker players are finding this online poker game to be very difficult, since they will have to adjust to the new type of game very fast. The stakes at HORSE poker are raised very often and in case you are looking to try something new this is certainly going to be more challenging, HORSE is definitely the game that you should go for.

HORSE is an online poker game that is very popular among professional dewapoker online poker players. This game is rarely played by beginners since they will find it very difficult to switch from one game to another and to switch from the no limit game to the pot limit game. The moment you will want to go ahead and play HORSE poker you will need to know all the rules from the games, including the less popular Razz and 7 Card Stud Eights or Better. For many players out there, this is one of the most difficult games of poker that is currently available online.

Most players that are currently playing poker online have a good idea on what the rules of Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 7 Card Stud are. But when it comes or Razz and 7 Card Stud Eights or Better, things are a little bit different. These games are not as popular as the first 3 mentioned, so many of the players might not be very familiar with the rules and the strategies, this is why we suggest that you take a little bit more time to check them out. The moment you will be able to master these two games better, your chances of winning will increase drastically.

Texas Hold’em

Most players will be very familiar with the Texas Hold’em game since it’s the most popular online poker game in the world, which is currently played in online and offline poker rooms. The no limit games are the most popular when it comes to online tournaments. And the moment you will start playing the pot limit you must understand exactly the role of draws, pots and bluffs.

Omaha Hi-Lo

The Omaha H/L is an online poker game that is similar to Texas Hold’em. The difference is that you must play only 2 of the community cards that are dealt. This means that you will have to employ just two different cards for the high and the low since usually a good high hand will have to split the best low. This way the best low hand that you can get will be A 2 3 4 and 5. A good strategy for the Omaha H/L will be to hold a hand like A A 2 3 or A K 2 3, that are both suited for Aces.

Razz Poker

Razz is very similar to the 7 Card Stud online poker variation where the difference is that it’s going to be played for the low. You will need to use a strategy that will get you a hand like A 2 3 4 5, which can assure you to win. Also the strategy that you must use for Razz should have a lot of discretion and caution from your part. In order to qualify to the next round, you will need to have 5 low cards. Since this online poker game is not as popular as the others, make sure that you understand exactly what you have to do and the rules of Razz, since this is one of the weakest points for many online HORSE poker players.

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