Cloud Storage: Why Many Companies Embraced the Change?

I’ve spoken about cloud storage services, their uses, advantages and disadvantages, and how they added significance to users’ lives in my previous posts. There has been sensed a major change when it comes to adoption of cloud storage among common customers. Nowadays more and more people are adapting to this change by embracing cloud storage services than they would do a year back. It seems like people now better understand the value of their lifetime, digital possessions like documents, emails, family photos, videos, bank/credit card details etc. than they would do a year or so back. This change is actually followed by the waning reliability of external storage devices viz. hard drives, Dvds, and USB drives among others which are exposed to the same environment where there computers and these devices are.

Remember the horrible hurricane Sandy  Best cloud storage companies  which wracked havoc on the New york city and other neighboring areas just a week back? The city is still in a shock is trying to recover from what just happened to many people and their belongings. Many lives have been lost while many have been displaced, with their belongings including furniture, victuals, computers, home appliances, and phones etc. all watered and flooded away. Most of the gas pipelines and petrol services have been out of function due to on-going rescue and relief operations. Don’t forget about the annoying power and communication outages also. Can you imagine being in New york and saving yourself or your valuable data stored on a hard drive or USB stick for that matter? Who would save yourself and your family or the devices on which your data is stored? Obviously you will let these devices go off and save yourself and your family.

Considering this scenario, backing up on external storage devices is not a feasible solution anymore. This is where cloud storage, also called as online storage comes in to help you. Cloud storage stores all your data on a cloud server, which is accessible via the internet. The data is stored in large data centers virtually connected via a server connected to the web. Data stored in these data centers usually remains safe and protected from catastrophic damages such as flood, hurricane etc. and accidental damages such as thefts, accidental deletions, power outages, hard drive failure, and computer crashes etc.

Even if your computer or hard drive has crashed, the internet connection doesn’t work, computer gets stolen, or your house is flooded with water or any possible situation that you may face due to miscellaneous reasons, your data stored with cloud storage will remain safe and intact. However to access your data, you will need an active Internet connection on a computer from which you want to access your data or on your Smartphone or tablet etc. Backing up data with cloud storage is as easy as picking up your phone and dialing your friend’s number or updating status on Twitter, Facebook etc. You really need not do anything to back up your data. If you know how to Google or Bing your query or browse the Internet, you can back up and restore your data using cloud storage without any problem.

Considering that cloud storage is today’s most powerful and only useful data backup and restore solution, many companies have introduced cloud integration in their products or services. Among these major companies are Microsoft whose Skydrive is now a part of the latest Windows 8 operating system and Hotmail, the web-based email service, Google which introduced Google Drive, Amazon which has been there long before Microsoft and Google jumped in the field of cloud storage services, and Netgear, a router manufacturer and wireless networking solutions provider etc. The list is growing with more and more companies are joining in the league.

These companies have really understood the concept of cloud storage and its need in day-to-day life of a customer who will be using his computer, tablet or Smartphone 24×7, 365 days a year for professional or personal reasons. In fact, people rather believe in staying connected today than keeping themselves unreachable. This is what exactly these companies have begun to take advantage of. I would say embracing this change is for good and not for bad. Not just businesses but individual customers should also be benefited with the power of cloud storage which helps make their lives easier, more comfortable, and connected.

Customers using cloud storage services will never be at a loss after losing data due to miscellaneous reasons as compared to those who still hold on to hard disk drives, USB drives and other such external devices for that matter. Once stored, your lifetime possessions will be stored for lifetime without digging a hole in your pocket and giving you a run around, with safety and security. It doesn’t matter anymore if people around the globe are less or not even aware of the term ‘cloud storage’. What is more satisfactory that they are using cloud storage services more than ever now.

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