Advertising Course – Internet Marketing For The Savvy Entrepreneur

If you’re looking for an advertising course on internet marketing you’re at the right place. This article will show you a few simple principles about internet marketing that every savvy entrepreneur needs to know.

To successfully market online, you’ve got to understand that online advertising/marketing and offline are completely different.

The psychology of people online is much different from the psychology of people offline…and understanding these differences can help you greatly in your marketing efforts.


Advertising Course: Marketing OFFLINE:

1. people are used to advertising – they EXPECT to be sold

2. people read print copy at a less frenzied pace than online copy. Print advertising has a longer time to capture attention.

3. advertising focuses on branding products/companies.

Advertising Course: Internet Marketing ONLINE:

1. people do not want to be sold on anything – they want VALUE

2. people don’t read web copy the same as they read print copy – attention spans are much shorter and you’ve got to GRAB their attention quickly or they click away. (Tip: Study Web Copywriting!)

3. people are more skeptical online than offline – and you need to overcome their skepticism by creating relationships, connecting on a real level.

4. Marketing/advertising ought to focus more on branding a person than a product kompostownik z palet . People will do business more readily with people than companies online.


When marketing online, focus on being yourself and attracting people to YOU! Let go of the offline SELLING mentality and use tools such as web copy to do the selling for you.

If you do that, then you can offer the ‘real’ you to people, provide your niche market with VALUABLE content they are looking for…and let go of the idea/notion that you need to be a salesperson.

There are loads of ineffective marketers online who are running around spamming people with their product and business opportunity – don’t add to that! Be yourself, add good content and you will have a swarm of customers and business prospects asking to do business with YOU!

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