A Review of the Sony ICFS79W AM/FM/Weather Band Digital Tuner Shower Radio

Who doesn’t want to have a radio in the shower? If you’re just like me who enjoys singing in the shower and using the shower head as a microphone, then you would also enjoy having a functional and reliable shower radio that you can use to tune in to your favorite radio station and listen to your favorite songs. I have an excellent recommendation for a shower radio that you would definitely love – the Sony ICF-S79W shower radio.


The easy grip design of the ICF-S79W is excellent for use even when your hands are wet. You can easily hold it and prevent it from slipping from your hands, making it easy to transfer the radio from one area to another. It is also splash and water resistant which is important for any shower radio. It even has a strap which you can use to hang the clock on the door knob or shower head. The ICF-S79W shower radio has a nice white finish that makes it fit well inside a bathroom, and it is also very easy to use with the simple navigation and control buttons. The plastic finish on the buttons may experience cracking or deterioration after a long while, but with proper use, the good condition of the shower radio can be kept for several years.

Anyone can have a good time browsing through different radio stations, listening to weather reports, and singing along favorite tunes by simply pressing on the intuitive navigation. It also has a built-in antenna which makes reception optimal through its ferrite bar antenna for AM tuning and wire antenna for FM tuning.

The dimensions of the shower radio are 5.5” x 2.75” x 5.75”, and the radio weighs a mere 1.2 pounds.


The radio has an excellent LCD display which shows the current time as well as the radio station which you are currently tuned in. You can easily find out which station you are tuning in to, and even find the frequency you want to listen to by simply navigating through the easy-touch buttons.radio strap


What’s remarkable about this handy device is its excellent reception. It makes use of a quartz synthesized tuner that provides the most accurate and drift-free tuning. The weather band feature easily allows you to listen to the weather report with a simple touch of a button. It also has a very good speaker that is big enough to produce excellent quality sound that lets you hear your favorite songs even while the shower is running. The random presets of the radio allows easy tuning, so you can save your 20 favorite frequencies, 5 AM, 10 FM, and 5 weather bands.

Other Features

Using the ICF-S79W shower radio while taking a bath is not only enjoyable, it also allows you to keep in track of your schedule. The radio has a countdown timer that lets you set a time limit for your bathing, or if you don’t want to keep looking at the clock, it also has an auto-off timer that makes the radio stop, indicating that it’s also time for you to finish your bath. I use the auto-off feature so I can always be alerted when I’m having too much fun in the shower.

Perhaps what’s most inconvenient about the shower radio is the battery operation which requires 3 C batteries, but I can say that it doesn’t real cause much problems because I’ve only had to change the batteries once in two years. The big batteries really last a good while which doesn’t require much maintenance for the radio.


It isn’t really difficult to find the perfect shower radio, I know I found it in the ICF-S79W. For a more enjoyable bath and a good track of shower time to keep you on schedule, I’d say the Sony ICF-S79W shower radio is one of the best devices you can get.



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