10 Important Tips to Finding the Best Laptop

Taking the time to review laptops is time well spent especially when wanting to have the best working laptop for all your specific needs.

When reviewing consider these things;

1. Screen – What are you looking for in the Screen., is it resolution, size, definition.

2. Portability – Are you carrying it around a campus or is it mainly home and hotel?

3. Speed – Laptops are generally 20-30% slower that hp ryzen 3 5300u  Stationary Computer with the same features. If speed is a necessity be sure to check out details such as; CPUs, motherboards, hard drives, and video systems. These all contribute to the speed loss.

4. Upgradability – Likely there will not be a lot that You can upgrade on your laptop so it is good to know what you need for the long run. Upgrades can be pricey and some almost not worth getting when You could just get a whole new laptop…so get a good one to start.

5. Memory – This is So Important! Most lower-priced laptops are sold with 128 MB of system memory (RAM). That is not enough for running applications efficiently under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. If you use your laptop for occasional typing and web surfing you could get along with 128 MB of RAM but you are likely to be much happier with 256 MBs. As well Power users would benefit from a notebook with at least 512 MB or more.

6. Batteries – Lithium batteries are superior to others.

7. Hard Drives – 20 GB is a minimum. Of course as they say, larger is better.

8. Hardware – (DVD/MPEG-2) – All DVD drives rely on MPEG graphics compression to display video. The present standard is called MPEG-2.

9. MPEG-2 compression can be provided by software which is slow or by hardware which is fast. Needless to say, hardware MPEG-2 is more desirable, and will provide a smoother playback. Hardware MPEG-2 is a video chip function in laptops.

10. Expense – Laptop computers can cost almost twice as much as similarly equipped desktops. You can actually purchase two comparably equipped desktops for the price of one laptop. So if you have to have a computer in two separate places, you would be better off with two desktops. As well if they were reasonably close together you could connect them together in a wired or wireless local area network (LAN). Buying a laptop is great if you are on the go. The more you need in it the more you’ll pay but it will be worth it!


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